Deleting Articles

There are two ways to remove your articles from the SmartNews app. You can use your SmartNews Insights account to find and remove an article or you can mark an article via your SmartFormat feed for deletion.

Deleting articles via SmartFormat feed

  1. In your SmartFormat feed, change the<media:status>value of the relevant item (<entry> if using Atom) to deleted
  2. Update the<pubDate> (<updated> if using Atom) value of the article you wish to delete.

It will take several minutes for changes to be reflected depending on when the feed is refreshed. This is based on the TTL (“time to live”) specified in the SmartFormat feed. (The time it takes to reflect the changes will also vary based on the data cache of the app on the device.)

  • Please note SmartNews will not be sent a deletion flag unless you update <pubDate> element (or <updated> if using Atom).
  • Simply deleting an article in the SmartFormat feed will not send a deletion flag to SmartNews.

Deleting articles via SmartNews Insights

Log in to your SmartNews Insights account, then select Current Status from the menu on the left side of the screen.

A list of visible articles and stopped articles will be displayed. From this screen, you can stop an article from being visible by tapping Stop next to the article on the list. You can also make the article visible again by re-tapping the same button. To stop an article that isn’t on the list, enter the URL for that article, then tap the Stop button next to it once it appears.