SmartNews Insights 2.3 Manual

Note: For information related to the upgraded login method from Feb. 2024, please visit this page.

What is SmartNews Insights used for?

Publishers who have a license agreement in place with SmartNews get access to SmartNews Insights, a web-based analytics dashboard and administrative tool to manage their articles on the SmartNews app.


The following functions are available in SmartNews Insights:

  • Track your in-app analytics: See how many people read your articles and how many times your articles are shared to social networks from SmartNews. Measure engagement by checking the average duration of reading sessions, bounce rate, scroll depth and more
  • Delete a story from the SmartNews app if necessary

To learn more about SmartNews Insights, how to gain access, or how to become a SmartNews partner, please email

Overview page


The Summary page is the default screen after you log in. The stacked line chart and table have high-level information about how your articles are being read in the SmartNews app.

Note that you can change the time period to view usage over specific  periods. You can also get information on which sections of the app are are driving the most engagement.

Term Definition
ArticleView The number of times an article was viewed on the SmartNews app (either WebView or SmartView)
SmartView The number of articles that were viewed in SmartView.
Avg. Time Spent The average time spent from when a user opens an article until they return to the channel view

In the table below the chart, there are columns for which we have data. Note that for any column that has less than 30 ArticleViews for the time period, totals will be rolled up into a column titled Others.

Content page


The Content page contains detailed information on an article-level basis. This table tracks how many ArticleViews a particular article has accumulated during the time period selected. Choose from Daily, Weekly or Monthly, or set a custom time period. The Recommended column tracks how many users discovered an article through the Recommended widget found at the bottom of a SmartView page in the app.

The Content page also tracks the number of shares to the following social networks and platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Evernote
  • Pocket
  • Line

The far right column tracks which channel or channels an article was featured in the SmartNews app.

As with other pages, there are controls to export the data to a CSV file so you can manipulate the data in a spreadsheet or import them into your own analytics service.

Video page


The Video page details video plays and viewing statistics. By default, the videos are ordered by total plays. The table tracks number of plays, total play time in seconds, and what percentage of viewers reach 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completion.

Current Status page


You may see this page to monitor which articles are currently featured in the SmartNews app and where each article is featured. If necessary, you may use this page to remove  a story from the SmartNews app.

Please note that it can take 5 - 10 minutes for a story to be removed  from the app after the [Stop] button is clicked.

Once a story has been deleted, you may make the story available again by tapping the button again.

Hourly Activity page

On this page you can see the total hour-by-hour activity on your stories and how it compares to the overall average activity on SmartNews. You can use the drop-downs to change the month or timezone.



Deep Insights page 

This page provides deeper analysis of your SmartNews ArticleViews and SmartNews users' reading behavior. You can browse data in table format or export the data in CSV format.

Data is published monthly about two weeks after the close of the month.



Term Definition
UPV (Unique Page View) The number of pageviews on an article,  (not including pageviews generated by the Recommended articles widget). Multiple pageviews by the same user are counted as a single pageview for the time period.
RPV (Related Page View) Number of times an article was read via a referral from the Recommended articles widget in SmartView.
GPV (Generated Page View) The number of times the article generated an pageview via the Recommended article widget in SmartView.
CTR (Click Through Rate) The CTR for the article from a headline.
GR (Generating Rate) The rate that readers go to related articles from the article (= GPV / PV)

MTS (Median Time Spent) Median time spent reading an article
BR (Bounce Rate) Rate in which a viewer returns to headlines within 5 seconds of reading. This is called a “bounce”
MSDR (Median Scroll Depth Ratio) Median scroll depth of an article, indicating how much of an article was read

You can preview the headline/thumbnail view and top of an article’s SmartView by clicking on the blue Preview button in the far right column.

Please note, all metrics for an article are a roll-up for the 14 days following publication of an article. Multiple page views of the same article by the same user are counted as a single page view.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and how often is SmartNews Insights updated?

A: The daily pageview data is aggregated and summarized once per day at around 8pm Eastern Time.