How to add third-party analytics to your SmartView page

Third-party tracking scripts such as Google Analytics, Chartbeat or can be inserted into your SmartView pages on SmartNews to independently measure your traffic. Here’s how to to do that:

  • Add the appropriate tracking code within the <snf:analytics> element of your SmartFormat feed. For examples, please see the sample code in the specifications.
  • Too many scripts may slow down the page load, so it’s best to limit what you add to a single script. If you have to add more than one, however, SmartNews can support up to three. To add more than one analytics script, please make sure each script is within its own <script></script> pair. For example: 
     Script #1
     Script #2
  • If no referral is specified, will be the default.

Differences in the figures on SmartNews Insights and on third-party tracking tools

Please be aware that there may be some discrepancy between SmartView counts on your SmartNews Insights and the page views and sessions indicated on other third-party services. This is likely due to differences in the tracking methods and definitions of these figures.