What are some best practices and guidelines for embedded video players in SmartView?

SmartNews supports a number of embeddable video players in the native SmartView. For a list of supported players, please see this FAQ

As a general guideline, a video should be relevant to the story in which it’s embedded, and presented in both a topical and timely fashion. 

Archival video is not an accepted type of video, except for stories where it’s relevant and contextual in providing background to the article. Such a story should include a description in the body text or caption explaining why the archival video has been included and how it’s relevant to the current news event or story.

Video that consists of text laid over images is not ideal, but we do include exceptions for stories where images are directly related to the story and showcase coverage/footage of the specific news event.



Video placement as a featured image.



Video placement with text overlay and caption text for context.