Options for improving layout and formatting in SmartView

Specifying styles

The basic idea of SmartView is to enhance the reader's experience with simple and lightweight pages optimized for mobile reading. To achieve this, SmartView does not support CSS or other scripted styling.

HTML tags that can be used 

SmartView does support a number of HTML tags that can help format your text. For example, we recommend using the <figcaption> tag to format an image caption and set it off from the body text.

Photo Captions

SmartNews supports the <fig> and <figcaption> tags which can be used to display a photo with the caption centered in a font offset from the body text of your article. Please see the code snippet below for how to use these two HTML tags.

<img src="https://www.domain.com/media/elephant-660-480.jpg">
<figcaption>An elephant at sunset</figcaption>

On text-wrapping

We recommend using full-sized images for the best reading experience. Images will be resized automatically and placed inline where they have been inserted in the body text.

Smaller images will be moved to the margins, so we recommend using images over 400px to avoid that. If an image is smaller than 100px, the image may not be included in the article. Please note that we do not support .gif images or animated .gif images.